Mike Wazowski Painted Egg

Create your own egg-shaped scarer for Easter with this painting craft. You won’t believe your eye!

To make Mike Wazowski, you’ll first need to hollow out an egg and paint it white. The tutorial for prepping your egg can be found here.

How To Make It
Step 1 / 8
  • Mike - 4

    Take a hollowed out and white painted egg from the prep tutorial

  • Mike - 6

    Then paint the entire egg lime green. It might take a few coats of lime green paint. Make sure the paint dries completely before moving on to the next part

  • Mike - 8

    Next, paint a large white circle on in the middle of the egg, about 2cm in diameter. It should look like this

  • Mike - 9

    And in the middle of the white circle, paint a small black circle

  • Mike - 10

    Then take the teal blue paint, and paint around the black circle. Be sure to leave a fair amount of white rim

  • Mike - 11

    On top of the black and teal circles, add a large dot of white paint

  • Mike - 13

    Lastly, using the bright green paint, make a little crescent moon shaped smile under Mike’s eye

  • Mike - 1

    And here is the finished Mike Wazowski Easter Egg!

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