Sulley Painted Egg

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Make this Easter totally roarsome with this Sulley egg painting craft.

To make Sulley, you’ll first need to hollow out an egg and paint it white. The tutorial for prepping your egg can be found here.

What You'll Need
  • A hollowed out egg, painted white
  • Paper plate or palette
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of white paper
  • White acrylic paint
  • Teal blue acrylic paint
  • Purple acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
How To Make It
Step 1 / 14
  • Sully - 3

    Take a hollowed out, white painted egg from the prep tutorial

  • Sully - 5

    Lighten the teal blue paint by mixing it with a bit of white paint, and cover the entire egg in the light teal colour. You might need to do a few coats of the light teal blue paint. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on to the next part

  • Sully - 6

    Next make a small black dot on the upper left side of the egg

  • Sully - 7

    And then another small black dot on the upper right side of the egg. These will be the eyes

  • Sully - 8

    Then using a darker teal blue paint, outline an upside down triangle shaped nose

  • Sully - 9

    Using the same dark teal blue, paint on eyebrows above the eyes

  • Sully - 10

    And paint a big line for the smile

  • Sully - 11

    Then take white paint and dot on a little tooth above the right side of the smile line

  • Sully - 12

    And paint the same little teeth on the left side of the smile

  • Sully - 13

    Next paint purple dots all around the egg

  • Sully - 16

    For Sully’s horns, draw a boomerang with a pencil on white paper. Cut the shape out

  • Sully - 17

    And then cut it in half

  • Sully - 19

    Add a bit of glue to the end of the horns and glue them to each side of the egg

  • Sully - 1 (1)

    And here is the finished Sulley Easter Egg

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